Modern life can be an assault on the senses. Email overload. Always connected on the
phone. Or just the constant sound and smell of traffic. Are you looking for an experience you suspect a forest might provide – restoring your senses, challenging your mind, finding surprise?

A Forest Camp provides an opportunity to breathe deeply again, recharge and rediscover
personal resilience. It can help you make room for reflection and growth while gleaning
some bush skills including identifying and eating wild foods, building shelter and making
fire. You will join a small group, your tribe, for the weekend. We will learn from one another,
from the ecological systems we encounter, and make space for some of the reflective
thinking you’ve been longing to do.

A Forest Camp suits those who require a break from the noise of everyday life, those
needing to restore themselves, needing a challenge, or just needing to take stock of life and work in a simple, quiet, unstructured, though always supportive environment. We tailor experiences to families, school children, individuals, organisations and businesses alike. Be a student of the forest with us for a weekend of simple living, of reconnecting to the lifeforms that enable us to live well and wisely.